Hilarious! Cook county pol who fixed a parking ticket for his pal claims he did it to make sure all Latinos are treated fairly

It’s the Chicago way! On steroids, combining corrupt personal politics with ethnic group preferences. Fighting for the oppressed, one fixed parking ticket at a time.

The Chicago Sun-Times did a little digging when the Cook County Inspector General issued a report last week, and discovered who was the unnamed commissioner featured in that report. Rachel Hinton writes::

After his pal tried to clout his way out of a parking ticket by uttering that classic Chicago question, “Do you know who I am?” Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. didn’t hesitate to intervene and use his political weight to get the ticket tossed out.

t doesn’t hurt that that friend whose ticket Arroyo helped to get voided was Luis Pena, who Arroyo said is the 36th Ward superintendent for Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th) — who is also Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s City Council floor leader.

But Arroyo on Friday insisted he wasn’t just protecting his buddy, but all Latinos. He said he stepped in to make sure “[Latinos] are being treated fairly by our officers. That goes for all Latinos in Cook County, not just someone I know.”

Source: Facebook

Evidently, Commissioner Pena believes that anyone with a Hispanic surname is immune from parking tickets. Sorry, whites, whites, blacks, Asians, and interracial folks. 

Fixing parking tickets may be the bottom of the barrel when it comes to politicians using their clout to benefit themselves and their buddies. It’s corrupt. Sp is the regime of ethnic preferences that so many progressives seem to want.

Put them together, and you get the corrupt politics of Cook County and Chicago – the only major metropolitan area on the country losing population.

hat tip: Peter von Buol

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