Hard to say what journalists are worse at: economics or telling the truth?

Democrats spread many falsehoods while they seek to remake America and move it toward socialism, with the government amassing much more money and power for itself.  They denigrate capitalism and corporations on a continuous basis.  Sadly, journalists, instead of fact-checking the Democrat talking points, repeat the falsehoods as they mislead the public, especially the young.

Democrats continually tell the public that CEOs make hundreds or thousands of times the average worker, but that is an outright lie.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • The average CEO makes $190,000, which is around four times the average $900 per week that the average worker makes, and the average executive makes a little over two times the average worker.
  • The median pay for 2,572,000 top executives in May 2018, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $104,980.
  • The median pay of CEO's of all companies, small, medium, and large, was $189,600.

Meanwhile, all members of Congress get a minimum of $174,000, with Pelosi making $223,500, and their pension and other benefits dwarf the pay and benefits of the average CEO as well as executives of small, medium, and large companies.  Is that fair or excessive?

Democrats tell the American public that the rich are getting richer while others have not moved up the economic ladder.  Those are also bald-faced lies because in capitalism, people move up and down the economic ladder.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and most other wealthy people have moved up the economic ladder because of capitalism, not because of dependence on government.

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Oracle, Google, Facebook, and hundreds of other companies have produced tens of thousands of millionaires who moved up the economic ladder because of capitalism, not government dependence or socialism.

I believe that the twenty Democrats on the stage last week have moved up the economic ladder in our capitalist economy.

I am sure that Rachel Maddow and other leftist talking heads on television have moved way up the economic ladder because of capitalism.  Why don't we hear how much these four make compared to the lowest people at their networks?

A huge majority of the American people have moved up the last decades, while we are told that is not true.

Meanwhile, speaking of upward mobility:

Many of the richest people in the U.S are in the DC area where they produce nothing and all the Democrat policies want more money transferred from the rest of us to them. That will clearly add to the wealth gap, not reduce it.

Census Bureau: 5 Richest U.S. Counties Are D.C. Suburbs; 10 of Nation's 20 Richest Counties in D.C. Area

Democrats repeatedly say the Trump tax cuts lift only the top people.  Why don't journalists fact-check them?

Total jobs are up by 5.7 million since Trump took office, manufacturing jobs are up by 500,000, overall unemployment lowest in fifty years, teenage unemployment lowest in fifty years, black unemployment lowest on record back to 1972, Hispanic unemployment lowest on record back to 1973, lowest unemployment on record for those with less than high school back to 1992.

Part-time unemployment for economic reasons is also down by 1.3 million since Trump took office.

Job openings as of April 2019: 7.4 million, and in December 2016, they were 5.5 million.

Why do the media allow Democrats to repeat the lie that only the rich are benefiting from Trump's policies?

Workers at the lower end of the pay scale finally are getting the most benefit from rising wages.

The public is always told how much less women make than men.  Why aren't they told about a Harvard study that shows that the wage gap is explained by work choices instead of caused by discrimination?

The media should contrast the great success of the poor and middle class moving up in America with the results in socialist and communist countries like Cuba and Venezuela.  Note this:

The Rose survey indicates that Cubans earn considerably more than the official average monthly salary, which was 687 pesos, or about $25, in 2015, according to Cuba's National Office of Statistics. Wages in Cuba averaged just 494.4 pesos ($18.66) monthly from 2008 to 2015.

The survey, which was conducted among 1,067 Cubans in Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Camagüey, Pinar del Río, and Cienfuegos in May and June, found that about 27 percent of Cubans earn under $50 per month; 34 percent earn the equivalent of $50 to $100 per month; and 20 percent earn $101 to $200. Twelve percent reported earning $201 to $500 a month; and almost 4 percent said their monthly earnings topped $500, including 1.5 percent who said they earned more than $1,000.

Meanwhile, the Castro family was worth almost one billion while they were keeping Cubans dependent on government.

The public was repeatedly told what a disaster would happen if Trump was elected, yet the results have been great.  The "experts" have repeatedly been wrong.  The first five quarters after the tax cuts have been exceptionally strong, especially against the anemic results of Obama-Biden high tax–massive regulation years.  Isn't it pathetic that the U.S. people were punished with the worst recovery in seventy years?  They got those substandard results despite almost zero interest rates and huge increases in government spending.  Why would anyone want not only to go backward, but to increase taxes and regulations more?

The experts were surprised with 2.6% fourth-quarter growth and predicted 1.3% in the first quarter of 2019.  The experts were obviously shocked with the 3.1% first-quarter growth.  Why are they called experts?  Here is one report:

Trump got a strong economy in 2018, but first quarter of this year looks weak

A surprise jump in business spending boosted fourth-quarter growth to 2.6 percent, but economists say the first quarter could expand at half that pace due to the government shutdown and a sluggish consumer.

Democrats repeatedly lie to the public that tax cuts cost money when previous tax cuts under Reagan and Bush substantially increased revenue.

We are also repeatedly told how Trump tax cuts are costing trillions, but revenues are already increasing because of the faster economy, higher job growth than projected, and higher wages than projected.  Why don't journalists do their job and correct the Democrats instead of repeating the lies?  See here what CBO has to say:

Revenues were $49 billion higher, and outlays were $255 billion higher than during first eight months of 2018.

Why would journalists, other Democrats, and the American people want to vote for any Democrat candidate since they all move toward socialism when capitalism and economic freedom are clearly the way the U.S. became the greatest economic power in the world in 240 short years?

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