Group planning a 'straight pride parade' in Boston is driving liberals bonkers

Is it dangerous to be a straight person in America?  Not yet.  But it's becoming dangerous to promote oneself as a straight.  Or not ethical, at the very least.

The intention of a group called SHFA (Super Happy Fun America) to run a Straight Pride Parade in Boston drew a whopping amount of poisonous attacks from the Left media, both social and mainstream.

The SHFA has been adjudicated as promoting homophobia, which is totally untrue, but at least could be remotely perceived, giving the usual twisted logic from the Left.  There are gays among the SHFA members and main figures of the event — Milo Yiannopoulos, a "right-wing" openly gay activist, has been appointed the parade's grand marshal.

Nevertheless, the "homophobia" tag is not nearly enough.  On top of that, the parade organizers have been branded in the mainstream media as "people with connections to white supremacists" (defined as such by the ACLU) and the Alt Right.  Apparently, some among SHFA have certain association with the ResistMarxism organization, built with an aspiration to defend our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and the economic system based on capitalism (rather than communism or Hitler-style national socialism).  That, in the eyes of "progressives," is a major sin on its own.

The parade itself is repeatedly mischaracterized as "just an excuse for hate groups [sic!] to march"; "faux festivities that mask an agenda of exclusion, if not hate"; and something coming from Trump's playbook (anything goes in the lefties' camp to hang some more blame on Trump).  That's regardless of the fact that neither SHFA nor the parade organizers manifest any kind of hostility to gays, lesbians, or transvestites.

Why a seemingly innocent objective triggers abnormal fury from "liberal" sources?

It's nothing more than a typical attempt from the Left at silencing not only their direct adversaries, but everyone not willing to trumpet the open borders concept, allegiance to unlimited free benefits for illegal aliens, redistribution of wealth, or "resistance" to President Trump.

Is it socially acceptable these days to have a demonstration of some coalition called, for argument's sake, "Friends of Fitness America" or "Women for the Right to Wear Makeup"?  I'd guess not, because the Left would find that event abusive to certain folks who don't like exercising or to women who prefer looking natural.

Why does the Left viciously deny the straight majority the very same basic rights granted by default to the LGBTQ community?  Why is it okay to run a "gay pride" parade displaying rainbow symbols and various body parts and not socially acceptable to have an event for guys and gals with heterosexual orientation?  What is wrong with that?

Nothing, of course — it's just one more warped standpoint of the left wing.  The Super Happy Fun America website clearly states diversity and inclusiveness.  Members call for people of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions to proclaim that they simply like it straight.  When did this become bigoted and divisive?

The mere fact that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has joined the ranks of the parade critics shows that its facilitators are doing something right.

The City of Boston initially rejected the SHFA application to run the parade, but the group filed a discrimination complaint, forcing the city to concede.  Now the event is scheduled for August 31, although consent from the city police department is still required.  Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston has said he will not attend the parade, while he has attended LGBTQ celebrations.  Additionally, he rejected a request from parade organizers to march through the South End (a typical Boston parade route) and to fly a straight pride flag from City Hall (a courtesy given to LGBTQ events).

John Hugo, the president of SHFA, said at a news conference outside Boston's City Hall: "We don't hate anyone.  We just want to have our own celebration just like everybody else has a right to.  All people from all communities are welcome as long as they show respect."  Similar propositions have been declared at the SHFA website.  The group's gay ambassador, Chris Bartley, who is himself a homosexual, asserts that being homosexual does not mean you cannot recognize the rights of heterosexuals.

"Just because I am gay does not mean I can't advocate on behalf of straights," said Bartley.

In the meantime, the counter-rallies are being planned.