For all those who are 'aghast' at President Trump's words for 'The Squad'

A few words for the people here in America who are absolutely aghast at what the president said about some pols on the "opposite side."  That they "should go back where they came from"...

I understand that you are aghast.

I even understand why you are aghast.

President Trump in the Rose Garden Monday (YouTube screen grab).

But I find it fascinating to see revealed what it takes to make you so aghast.  And equally fascinating what can be said about America — how downright awful we are — without you feeling aghast at all.

I understand that sometimes, it is important to make people take sides.  And that in the little gentleman's game that you have been quietly playing against the American people, polite quietude is (and long has been) expected.  So, we of all backgrounds, all of us who aren't you, are expected to keep quiet and suck it up.

Anyone not playing along shocks you fully.  And for a president not to play along, but to force you to take sides and to show your face and your hand, as it were, is just more than you can bear.

There's a reason why that little red object on the wall — the one we all walk past day after day without even thinking about it — says:

In Case of 
Break Glass.

Okay.  He did.  It is broken.

Hear that noise?  We are awake now.

And you?  You are "aghast."