Exactly which states do the Dems think they will flip in 2020?

The political news is all about the 2020 presidential election.  We get daily polls purportedly informing us of who is up, who is down, who's going up, who's going down, and the impact of every comment, either woke or misspoke.

The Beltway and the Acela corridor lock in on this "data" as if it were an NFL championship game between teams led by Payton Manning and Tom Brady.  (I'd use a women's soccer analogy, but no one's watching women's soccer, and foul-mouthed think pieces don't age well). 

The rest of America, particularly once you are about a 30- to 35-mile radius away (about Purcellville, Va.) from the Capitol, couldn't care less about Beltway blather.  Americans outside this circle of largely corrupt grifting are all recovering from the economic devastation of the Bush-Obama years.  There were no bread lines, but that doesn't mean people didn't feel the losses of those times.

The economic suffering was taken virtual and disguised behind a media narrative of 1) free trade is good even when others cheat; 2) America and Americans are guilty 'til proven innocent; and 3) our elite leaders can violate any law with impunity, often failing up for increased pay and opportunity.  See Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified material.  See Timothy Geithner and his tax returns.  He owed more money than the average American makes, and he became secretary of the Treasury.  Regular Americans were treated to the tender IRS mercies of Lois Lerner, who unleashed the IRS on anyone dissenting from the media narrative.  There were hundreds of additional grievous incidents.

As the "real" manufacturing assets were siphoned off to China by Bush-Obama donors, regular folks and their relatives drained their 401(k) plans, borrowed on high-interest credit cards, and mortgaged their finances to 1) make it, 2) help extended family make it, or 3) position their children for one of the decreasing "good jobs" in the progressive woke/broke economy

While this is occurring, the Democratic administration, with a helping hand from the Grand Old Party (GOP), outsourced new economy jobs to India, allowed China to cheat on trade (and everything else), and allowed millions of illegals to cross deliberately unguarded borders.  Folks inside D.C.'s elite-grifter neighborhoods felt no pain.  No MS-13 gangs terrorized elite-grifter (Obama) neighborhoods.  No kids of illegals crowded out Americans from the Hamptons of Long Island. 

No one grounded in reality wants to go back to that.

(See Tony's comments from the 1:40 mark.)

While America works, rebuilding an optimistic future, Democratic "leaders" continue to push the narrative that failed Hillary in 2016.  Under President Trump, reciprocal trade replaces "free" trade, and the economy grows as a result.  America and Americans are promoted as we release our natural resources for sale and trade, bolstering the middle class with lower energy prices and increased opportunity through reciprocal trade.  There is cautious optimism with the re-indictment of Jeffery Epstein for sex-trafficking; we may see our elite grifters receive a thimble's measure of justice.

This brings us to the true state of 2020.

Democrats seek to reward illegal alien law-breakers.  They continue to promote prosecution of the president for nonexistent crimes.  This includes the use of the IRS against the president, as was used against conservative and populist Americans.  Dems push for single-payer health care.  They scream "for the children" as they promote infanticide and unlimited abortion.  They pledged to raise taxes and reimpose regulations to shut down the energy industry and end the use of cars.  See the Green New Deal.

President Trump won the election with 304 electoral College (E.C.) votes to 227 E.C. votes for Hillary Clinton — the same Hillary Clinton who called Americans irredeemable and deplorable.  Democrats still haven't repudiated this beyond pointing to it as a Kinsley gaffe, not a presidential disqualifier.  Rational people assume that Dems believe it.

President Trump shattered the electoral Midwest "blue wall" by promising to build a southern border real wall. 

Enraged, flipped out Democrats and their presidential standard-bearers savage Americans who want borders and economic fairness in trade and the rule of law in our homeland.  This flipped out band of xirs and LBGTQ incels (band of brothers — not) need to identify which states they are going to flip from Trump to Democrat to win in 2020. 


Graphic credit: Russ Walker.

Can they flip MI (16 E.C. votes) with the return of the car industry?  Can they flip WI (10 E.C. votes) with the opening of Foxconn and trade fairness for agriculture?  Can they flip PA (20 E.C. votes) with a return of steel, increases in fracking, and the return of manufacturing?  Will Catholics (even cultural Catholics) flock to the abortion "über alles" crowd in Party D?  Will they hold MN (10 E.C. votes) with Congress-xir Ilhan Omar?

Flipping a state from Trump to Dem by flipped out Dems is flipp'n crazy near impossible.

John E. Jaggers was a "Trump Original" working as state director in MD, where he swept for Candidate Trump in the primary.  He worked the 2016 convention floor, worked as a state director in the general election, and was a member of the Transition Team for the VA and policy areas concerning grants, acquisition, and I.T.  He now works in private industry, after a brief tenure in the administration working on Buy American policy.