Epstein found injured in his cell last night. Arkancide?

Recently accused and previously convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein was found inside his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center late last evening after what is reported as a possible assault or suicide attempt.  While the two sources for NBC did not say that any material was seen in Epstein’s cell to indicate there was a possible suicide attempt by hanging, they were able to include details such as Epstein being found in a “fetal position” with marks on his neck, and that he wasn’t fully conscious.

According to the local report, an additional four sources are giving multiple accounts of the Epstein incident.  Two say they believe that it was a failed suicide attempt.  Another says that it was a scheme concocted to get Epstein transferred to another facility.  A last source says that an assault may have occurred.

Or, possibly an arkancide.  The term arkancide refers to the strange homicides and suicides of people that have had some sort of relationship with the Clinton family.  Speculation has been around the internet for decades that these friends (and often, enemies) of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton, former president and Governor of Arkansas, may have been killed at the direction and will of the Clintons.

Now, I’m not here to say whether there is truth or not in the Clinton body-count, but another news story broke yesterday that was drowned out by the Mueller testimony.  This one had to do with new evidence that Epstein visited the Clintons' White House on multiple occasions.

In addition, according to the NBC piece, a person of interest was being questioned last night with investigators saying that this fellow inmate was in the area when the event occurred.  The man’s name is Nicolas Tartaglione, a former police officer who is facing seventeen federal charges for a quadruple-homicide and narcotics conspiracy.  The charges stem from a 2016 incident where Tartaglione allegedly killed a man he accused of stealing cash meant for a large cocaine deal, and innocent bystanders before burying them in his backyard. Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

His attorney Bruce Barket quickly went on record stating that his client “absolutely” did not assault Epstein, even adding that Tartaglione and the accused pedophile “get along.”  Mr. Barket also indicated that his client and the accused pedophile have been recently bonding over complaints about the conditions within MCC.  One quick look at Barket’s Twitter account shows a man suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. His most recent tweet says:

“THIS, This is why @realDonaldTrump will fail. Neighbors, friends and family of immigrants will stand up for them…” Also shown is a video of a group of people interfering in a Tennessee ICE investigation.

Barket’s client and Epstein’s new friend, Nicolas Tartaglione was also in local headlines this week after correctional officers confiscated a contraband cellphone from the inmate.

His lawyer, again, comes to his client’s defense saying that the cellphone does not belong to Tartaglione; however, in a motion filed just Monday, Barket is petitioning the court to block federal prosecutors who are applying to transfer the device to FBI custody and for a search warrant to see the cellphone’s contents.  In a letter to the federal Judge Kenneth Karas, Barket writes that the cellphone could contain “privileged material” and communications stored on the phone.  The attorney also asked the judge to require “not just a search warrant, but also to designate a ‘filter team’ or ‘taint team,’ members of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, [that can] isolate potentially privileged information from the trial prosecutors”.

While Barket wouldn’t be a very good attorney if he didn’t try everything within his power to aid his clients, the timing is suspicious.  A contraband cellphone is found on a new friend and associated inmate of Jeffrey Epstein, who is then also present when Epstein is injured, hours after a story breaks relating Epstein to the Clintons, again.  If the Clinton-Arkancide theories are true, they may have another case.  Epstein is currently under suicide watch at MCC where he will be monitored 24/7. 


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