Now we learn what US attorney John Huber has been up to in his Russia Hoax investigation

When then-A.G. Jeff Sessions announced 15 months ago that U.S. attorney for Utah John Huber would be conducting a review of the FBI's use of wiretapping on the Trump campaign, initial hopes soon turned to disappointment that nothing seemed to be happening.  But yesterday, former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker rather casually mentioned (or perhaps let slip) during an interview with Sandra Smith that Huber is looking at "Comey's memos and the like[.] ... And there's a lot of things Bill Barr is going to be bringing to a conclusion."

Watch below, cued to the moment he mentions this (hat tip: Sundance):

Readers who have been paying attention will remember that Comey wrote a series of memos to the files about his conversations with President Trump, and then leaked some — at least one of which contained classified information — to his close friend Daniel Richman, a former prosecutor and professor at Columbia University, who in turn leaked them to the New York Times.  All of this was a successful plan to force the appointment of a special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Well, we are now finally done with Mueller, and there can be no cries of "obstruction of justice" if and when documents are declassified or grand juries hand down indictments.

Tick tick, tick...

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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