Did Trump really take a political risk in telling Omar to go back to her country?

So did Trump blow it by implicitly telling Rep. Ilhan Omar to go back to her home country, fix it up, and get back to us?  Did he overplay his hand?  Is a remark like that, universally decried by Democrats, a step too far? Not by Trump's standards. The controversial string of tweets, which stirred the pot mightily in the press, was as politically incorrect as it comes.  In fact, Trump hasn't put out a string like this since the 2016 campaign. The tweets were at least in part about the 2020 campaign.  They were also about weakening House speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he's obviously treating as his real competition over the Democrat clown car of presidential candidates. It's telling that even as Pelosi spars with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Trump took on Ocasio-Cortez's pal, Rep. Ilhan Omar, the only one who comes from a foreign country. Omar, it turns out, is a massive liability for the...(Read Full Post)
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