Diamond Life: Michelle Obama rents out $23-million Hollywood Hills mansion for a night

Apparently, a hotel, even a luxury hotel, was not good enough. Former first lady Michelle Obama had to go big, renting out a $23-million Hollywood Hills mansion for...a night.  The New York Post has the pictures of it here.  Several news accounts explained it as possibly a rental to try and buy, something most home-buyers don't get to do.  Whether she actually paid is also a big question mark, and if so, whether she paid market value (which would have cost more than a fancy hotel) or received her night there a "gift," which presents its own ethics problems. Here's what a local CBS report said the place was like: The Shark House, which is located in the 9200 block of Swallow Drive, is thus named due to its open air shark aquarium. It also has a full spa, a humidor room, movie theater and walk-in wine room. It's on the market, currently listed for a cool $22.9 million. A...(Read Full Post)
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