CNN tells its website staff: ‘Take some cues from Fox News’

Television viewing habits are rapidly changing and the cable news channels' days of dominance in the boob tube infowar delivered on aging electronic platforms supplied by cable and satellite providers are numbered.  With many cable news subscribers cutting the cord and migrating to newer options like smartphones and Roku, trendier digital platforms — in other words, websites that are optimized for small touch screen devices including tablets — are now emerging as the latest battleground for viewers' eyeballs. A lengthy, eye-opening analysis on the emerging contest for online dominance by two of the leading cable news providers, CNN and the Fox News channel (FNC), was published in The Daily Beast on July 10.  According to the story, CNN is in the process of radically shaking up its venerable website  The article's title is surprisingly revealing: "CNN Tells Digital Staff: Take Some Cues...(Read Full Post)
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