Chicago suburb removes school lunchroom mural because it depicts too many whites

The new totalitarian phase of the American Left is destroying reminders of our history that offend leftists.  In this, they are adopting the tactics of the Taliban, who destroyed ancient images of the Buddha that offended their Islamist sensibilities.

One might dismiss the expensive ($600K) vandalism of a 1930s-era depiction of George Washington in a San Francisco high school as merely Bay Area craziness.  But clearly the agenda is now national in scale and operating in a Chicago suburb.  Eric Zorn explains in the Chicago Tribune:

On April 12, administrators at Julian Middle School removed from the student lunchroom a New Deal–era mural showing scores of people, mostly children, frolicking merrily by a frozen pond — skating, building a snowman, riding in a one-horse open sleigh and so on.

Why? Because 100 percent of the people depicted on the 17-by-6-foot canvas are white, so the image doesn't even come close to reflecting the current racial and ethnic diversity of the school, which is only 52 percent white.

Julian's principal, Todd Fitzgerald, wrote in a letter to parents that continued display of "Child and Sports — Winter" conflicted with the school's goal of promoting "a greater sense of inclusion and belonging."

Was the artist a racist who believed that nonwhites were unworthy of depiction?


Though the stylized painting by Chicago-born artist Ethel Spears does not feature an identifiable location in Oak Park, it does fairly reflect census data showing the village was 99.7 percent white in the 1930s, according to the University of Chicago.

"Child and Sports – Summer," Spears' companion montage of white people recreating in warm weather, hangs in Oak Park's Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School, which has a similar racial and ethnic makeup as Julian, and is posing a similar problem.

So, all memories of the past, when Oak Park was nearly all white, must be expunged from the collective memory.  That is totalitarian.  The sole leavening factor is that the Oak Park art is not being destroyed...yet.

Last night, Tucker Carlson pointed out the dog that isn't barking: the artistic community that was outraged when the Taliban blew up historic Buddhas now is silent on the destruction of historic murals in schools because they simply dislike the content.

If this grassroots effort on local levels to censor our artistic heritage continues, we are well on the way to tyranny.  With the tech oligarchs making our views disappear or difficult to find online, the game is over, unless serious blowback forces them to change their ways and allow the free exchange of ideas to reach the wider public that does not read conservative media.

George Orwell warned us: "Who controls the past controls the future."  Our Left has taken 1984 as a how-to manual.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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