Buried lede: Ted Cruz had a line of people in a California airport clamoring to shake his hand

The press has made a big deal about an argumentative leftist from San Francisco walking up to Ted Cruz and trying to browbeat him about the migrant surge in a Los Angeles airport line.  Oh, great — just what someone in an airport line can use.  And being in an airport line, Cruz could hardly walk away from her, so the up-close and quite possibly bad-breathed tirade went on and on.  Here's the YouTube video from the pest, which was posted by the San Francisco Examiner: All of the press coverage focused on the airport line grandstander, identified as San Francisco supervisor Hillary Ronen, and her self-set narrative.  Ronen even seems to have set it up, too: notice that the film comes from her, and the filming didn't start midway into the encounter — it was filmed from the very start — so it appears the whole thing was planned.  Next up, the press...(Read Full Post)
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