BBC greets new PM Boris Johnson with an effort to panic the public on global warming

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, has been captured by the Left and is operating as a propaganda organ. It greeted the brand new Prime Minister Boris Johnson with an appalling, laughable broadside intended to pressure him to panic over the alleged threat of global warming or climate change or climate crisis, or whatever new label they come up with as justification for a draconian restructuring of the economy with the governments in charge of all energy-consuming activity – in other words, the entire economy.

The headline on the long article tells the story:

Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months

Eighteen months to live, almost like a cancer diagnosis. Clearly, everything must change and right away.

The BBC follows the lead and cites Prince Charles, who chose 18 months as his deadline ten days ago.  This was a new figure for the heir to the throne, whose deadline has ranged up to 35 years, or 96 months and now 18 months… a level of variation that does not connote settled science.

The BBC article tells us that what’s really critical in the next 18 months are some international meetings – which seems to be the modus operandi of the climatistas, jetting off to meeting in luxury settings at exotic locales to tell the rest of us to sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter, and ride bicycles because we’ve only got 18 months left.

It reads almost like a Babylon Bee satire, featuring a picture of St. Greta Thunberg (looking very troubled), the alleged savant child leading us to redemption, along with a picture of President Trump and the Saudi ruler, who are cast as villains frustrating those global warmist bureaucrats, both men smiling. Not too subtle.

With exquisite timing, the likely UK COP in 2020 could also be the moment the US finally pulls out of the Paris agreement.

But if Donald Trump doesn't prevail in the presidential election that position could change, with a democrat victor likely to reverse the decision.

Either step could have huge consequences for the climate fight.

Right now a number of countries seem keen to slow down progress. Last December the US, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia blocked the IPCC special report on 1.5C from UN talks.

Just a few weeks ago in Bonn, further objections from Saudi Arabia meant it was again dropped from the UN negotiations, much to annoyance of small island states and developing nations.

The United Kingdom has its own version of the Deep State, one that has even more history to it than ours. The BBC is part of it, fully captured by left wing staffers who see themselves as noble guardians of their ideology. The Beeb as it is called is officially an “independent” crown corporation that extracts almost $200 a year from every owner of a color TV – a mandatory tax – and spends it on leftist (and Muslim)  propaganda and dramas that enjoy a worldwide audience.

The Deep State is really a global phenomenon in the Anglosphere. Unsurprisingly, the Brits’ Deep State appears to have played an important role in the cabal that sought to spy on and derail the Trump campaign and then throw a duly elected president out of office.  The Steele Dossier was the product of an “ex-MI 6” agent – as if one ever really leaves that organization and operates as anything but its agent.

It looks to me as though there is an element of panic in the latest BBC effort to instill panic and influence the new Tory PM. It’s that laughable.

Hat tip: James Lewis

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