Attack at Tacoma migrant jails signals antifa has descended into bona fide terrorism

That's three.

Three violent assaults in less than a month, all from antifa, all over President Trump's enforcement of the law of the land on immigration.

The latest, from Tacoma:

On Saturday, a man armed with a rifle and Molotov cocktails or flares, according to reports, and angered by "factually inaccurate portrayal" of the facility, according to the company operating the facility, attempted to set fire to an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington.

In a subsequent confrontation with police, the Antifa activist was killed. And some of his fellow activists called him a martyr for it.

Nevertheless, the media has not reported any connection with Antifa, nor are they speculating about what may have motivated this man, who made the attempt to set fire to the building amid protests against the building.

The Blaze reports that it was a suicide attack, complete with antifa activists cheering with glee on Twitter, and potentially very violent -- the man tried to set fire to a propane tank -- which not only would have taken down the GEO private detention center for illegal migrants, it would have also taken down the aliens the suicide attacker was supposedly championing, as well the leftist protestors on the outside.

It follows another attack by such leftists on the Aurora, Colorado GEO migrant detention center, where antifa activists were present, assaulting and defacing an American flag over the facility, and then raising the Mexican one.

And it follows yet another sort of attack from antifa -- the brutal violent assault in Portland, Oregon, on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who covered immigration issues over Muslim entries.

That's three, all in mid-sized western cities in states known for their leftist politics. Yet they are not confined to just the west - in New York, antifa is active, too, enough that the NYPD police union says it intends to protect its brother ICE officers as they go about their duties, while the city's leftist leadership has ordered them to stand down.

Last year, antifa (and its Occupy Wall Street coevals) openly called for murder of ICE agents on Twitter, something it has yet to be sanctioned by Twitter for.

Worse still, antifa doxxed thousands of ICE agents, amassing the names of as many as they could via LinkedIn and spreading them over the Internet to threaten, intimidate, and harm them and their families. No sanctions from Twitter on that, either.

It also has called for and engaged in various other kinds of violence around other issues, but now it seems to be congealing around this immigration. Since that happened, it's beginning to act as an actual terror group.

Why has it come to this?

Well, the press has ignored the pattern as it emerges, still denying that anything out there is wrong. It's even done some amazing cheerleading for this group, all because it nominally opposes President Trump. CNN marvels at antifa's contradictory claims of love and peace and archly notes that sometimes it engages in violence, so what a puzzler. The New York Times calls antifa a "movement to confront the far right" with the antifa attack in Portland bringing it "renewed attention" as if being assaulted to the point of brain bleeding near murder might not merit that. In Portland, officials have done little to apprehend Ngo's attackers, because, well, they kind of agree with antifa's agenda but don't quite want to say so openly, so they dither. As for the detention centers attacks, leftist politicians running for president, have called those "concentration camps" which if true, would make antifa heroes, so no criticism from them. Meanwhile, in New York, a mixed-message showdown is going full blast as ICE agents prepare to make their raids, New York's police union vows to protect them from violence if they run into any, and Mayor Bill De Blasio's far-left administration orders them to stand down from any help to ICE. Antifa, like all terror groups, thrive in this kind of moral confusion. Democrats are still yelling about even the enforcement of deportation law against proven and convicted criminals, while some Democrats are calling for decriminalization of all illegal entry into the U.S. as well as the abolition of ICE. It's this weak, contradictory and extreme messaging from Democrats that has sugared a petri dish for terrorism such as we are now seeing from antifa, to grow. Terrorists live in a two-sided, black-and-white world of 'with-us-or-against-us.' The Democrats' mendacious stance on immigration has been just perfect for their violent aims.  

Now we have what looks like an all-out terrorist campaign revving up very quickly. If Democrats can't bring themselves to criticize this rapidly emerging threat, they need to be thrown out by voters. At a minimum they need to be called out by their rivals, or the violence is going to escalate. President Trump's administration, meanwhile, would do well to declare antifa a terrorist organization and expend all levels of law enforcement to counteract this threat.


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