Are Democrats ready to lie?

Bill Curry writes for Salon, "Are Democrats ready to fight?"

Curry is angry at his chosen party.  Well, it is hard to approve of venomous snakes lying in the grass.

Curry says, "Mueller's testimony was a fiasco for Democrats, who have forgotten how to make an argument.  It's not too late."

Then Curry reminds Democrats how to make a Democratic argument. 

Lie.  Lie by omission.  Mislead.  Mischaracterize.  Say anything you want because you will never be held to account.

Lie like this:

Christopher Steele, a retired British intelligence officer, was more loyal to America than the Republicans who repay him with slander. Nothing in his dossier has been disproved.

Nothing has been disproved.  Trump plays witch in Curry's puritan mind.

Curry goes so low that he is able to build himself an intellectual hovel below snake level.  He's got plenty of company down there.

Remember old Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney's taxes?  When confronted, Reid hissed, "Well, they can call it whatever they want, Romney didn't win, did he?"

May I say that the moment your political philosophy forces you to defend the indefensible, to smear without verifiable proof, to label and spread ugly gossip as truth until "disproved,"  that's the moment your entire political philosophy is exposed as essentially evil.

It's evil because people no longer matter to you.  Your beliefs have forced you to divide all of America into one of only two categories: comrade or adversary. 

You may lie to the comrade and lie about the adversary. 

And what you say about or do to the adversary no longer figures into any moral equation.  You might as well don a mask and crack some heads on the streets of Portland because your ethical code is of no value to the world.

No honor, no trust, and no liberty can ever exist within an atmosphere of such dishonesty.

Democrats have disfigured their politics into a Frankenstein of exhumed lies and brutalities snatched from the graves of history's most wicked men.

I leave it to Curry to disprove this.