Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells illegal alien kids 'this country belongs to you'

In the "squad" response to President Trump over his tweets to them about their anti-Americanism, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a doozy of a response.  She declared that the U.S. "belongs" to "everyone," including illegal aliens.  She couched it all in the smarmy language of addressing all the children of America.  Here's a short clip:

CBS News has a longer clip, which leads in with Ocasio-Cortez lamenting border detentions of illegally crossing kids, leaving zero doubt that it's illegals she is addressing in her syrupy statement.

It was an astonishing statement to make, effectively indoctrinating illegal alien children into thinking the U.S. somehow "belongs" to them, same as it belongs to the citizens of the country.  She used an example from her childhood about how her father told her the capital "belonged" to her — a nonsensical, if understandable, statement a parent might tell a child, into extending such a declaration to anyone within U.S. borders.  "It belongs to everyone," she insisted.  And make no mistake: it was illegals she was talking about.  At about the 2:37 mark in the CBS clip, she says she's "not surprised" that President Trump told the squad to "go back to their country" because Trump "has authorized raids, without warrants, on thousands of families across this country."

She was referring to illegal aliens who have passed through all due legal process and have ignored legal orders to leave the country.

Now it belongs to them?  A statement like this effectively renounces any value of U.S. citizenship in the U.S. republic, in favor of just being here as entitling one to the right to own everything in it.  And it's telling that she's using the kids as her wedge for arguing that all illegals are free to stay here as the actual owners of the U.S., with as much claim to its bounty as actual citizens.

Ocasio-Cortez alters between treacle and umbrage in her statement, attempting to seize the high ground for the cameras.  Yet what she's just declared is yet another bottom dropping out as she advances her "narrative."  That not only do illegals have a right to be here — alongside terrorists and anti-Americans — they actually are entitled to everything the U.S. has.

This is the statement of someone who doesn't want the U.S. to exist.  She's like a top spinning out of control.  No wonder Nancy Pelosi has her hands full.  Ocasio-Cortez is a walking campaign ad for the Trump re-election effort.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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