About those chants

Imagine you're living with a significant other who despises you and informs you hourly how much.  How you chew your food, how you comb your hair, the shows you watch, your crappy friends.  Your ugly, broken down house sucks — too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, a sickly color.  This significant other would be better off living on the streets than this dump.  So how do you handle it?

Your choices are:

  1. Do nothing; let the ingrate stay to escalate the hate and vitriol until you're driven to drink.
  2. Leave — let the hater reap the benefits of all the love and work you've put into your home.  Give up your equity, maybe your life savings, but you'll escape with your sanity.
  3. Or you can say that if the S.O. is so damn miserable, find a street and get on it.

The squad is our significant other.  They insult us, tear America down, berate us for being too white, too rich, too pro-Israel, too nationalist, and the list goes on.  They openly attack our friend, our greatest ally, Israel; spout anti-Semitic garbage; and pal around with terrorist groups who also hate Israel.

But didn't these people take an oath to be loyal to America, to defend against our enemies?  Yes they did:

"I, [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Ilhan Omar/Ayanna Pressley/Rashida Tlaib], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Yet they defend enemies, foreign and domestic (CAIR, al-Qaeda, Antifa) against the Constitution of the United States.  This is why the president called them out: to identify the enemy within.

This brings us to the Greenville, North Carolina rally.  As usual, it's packed to the rafters.  The crowd is raucous, passionate, happy, energetic, everything Democrats aren't.  Chants of "USA," "Build the Wall," and "Four more years" sporadically fill the arena.  Plus the crowd christens a new chant: "Send her [Ilhan Omar] back!"

This new chant is the government-media's opening, and they pounce.  The president must condemn his supporters, discipline his people, and stop the chants.  When President Trump says he disagrees with the chant, fake news reports that Trump has turned on his supporters.  Matt Drudge, who recently earned his government-media credentials, blasts these embellished headlines:



What the president actually said was, "I was not happy with it.  I disagree with it.  But again, I didn't say that.  They did.  But I disagree with it."

Hey, media, we're not the Democrats; we can disagree without going to war.  And President Trump probably disagrees with "Send her back!" because he never said to send anyone back — just reminded people they're free to leave.

Demands for the president to condemn rally chants aren't new.  The Left claims that "Lock her up!," which refers to Hillary Clinton's long list of non-prosecuted crimes, is an attack on his "political opponent"; "CNN sucks" is an act of violence, a threat to the "free press."

The government-media will continue to demand that the president stop these chants because they want to diffuse Trump rallies, blunt the energy, and separate President Trump from his supporters.  Stopping the chants would go a long way toward suppressing the energy, the passion.  If the chants were silenced, it would be one more instance of government-media controlling our speech, dictating whom we can love, hate, insult, what we can say, how we can feel.

Why do we allow them to censor us?  They have no say in what happens at Trump rallies; they're private events, a gathering of Trump-supporters not a public forum.  And Trump-supporters are protected by the 1st Amendment, can chant anything they want.

If the government-media are so offended by rally chants, maybe they shouldn't attend.  They only show up at the rallies to cherry-pick phrases they can use to destroy Trump and his supporters, so why cater to them?  The president should dismantle the press section at rallies, make them stand in line for hours like every other Trump-supporter in sweltering heat, freezing cold, even drenching rain.  Don't arm our enemies — and yes, the government-media are the enemy of the American people.  It's time we call it like it is.

The squad isn't the only group who should love it or leave it.  The media hate America every bit as much as or more than the squad.  These Pravda clones carry the squad's message, bury their anti-Semitic rhetoric and socialist indoctrination, pimp their destructive agenda, and slanders any opponents as racists or sexist.

The government-media predate the squad with their hate for America.  They never have a good word to say about this country, foment hate among the American people, insult us, demonize America, and attack our Constitution.  Now they openly preach sedition in their effort to bring down a president they loathe, to facilitate their coup.

There's only one practical remedy for these haters: a group trip to Iran, Turkey, Russia, or China, some country whose policies more closely align with their altruistic ideals.  They're free to go, because America, despite their best efforts, is still a free country.

But OK — "Send her back!" might be a touch insensitive.  Maybe next time the president talks about the squad, the Democrats, or fake media, we need to tone it down, join in a kumbaya moment, dedicate a song instead of an offensive chant.  Got it!

Image: Fox News, YouTube screen shot.

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