Abortion is an evil choice

When seeds you plant come up and there are more seedlings than you can use, it is convenient to discard the excess in favor of the number of plants you plan to care for. Some carry this weeding-out option into the domain of human population.

Among them are abortionists who hold that a woman has the same option over her “seedlings.” These population thinners have persuaded authorities in all three branches of government to side with them, but while they have pulled the rug out from under the public's feet, the majority of Americans have gotten up, dusted themselves off, and wonder how on earth this outrageous death sentence for unwanted babies ever became law.

When sperm meets egg, triggering the evolution that results in a new human being, you may rail against nature for taking its due course or hail it for causing you, me, and everybody else to exist. Do any of those it bothers ever stop to think: “But for my mother, my father, and the miracle of life (praise God) – I wouldn’t be here”?   

Drawing a line anywhere between conception and birth is as arbitrary as parcelling land into acres and as successful as containing water in a sieve. The vapor-thin façade of “justice” and dishonest jargon used to sort stages of embryonic development into “those that count” and “those that don’t count” can’t hide the reality that deliberate abortion terminates innocent human life – an act of killing that is evil in any system of human justice, so regarded not just because it is a religious belief but because it is inhuman and  heartless.

X-ray vision is not required to see through the hoodwinking arguments of abortionists. The one that states that a woman has a right over her body is ridiculous. With people sent against their will to prisons, hospitals, and other institutions for valid reasons, drafted men carted off to battlefields in times of national emergency, monitoring devices attached to potential repeat offenders – to cite a few examples of involuntary yielding of one’s body to external authority – one wonders what right any member of society really has over his/her body. Even if a case could be made for this thin argument, it would not change the fact that an embryo isn’t part of a woman's body but a body in its own right, housed temporarily in its mother’s body for shelter and nourishment while in a stage we all went through at one time.

10-week old human fetus (Photo credit: Dr. Suparna)

Then we hear that the emerging new human being is insensate (inanimate, lacking sense or understanding, foolish, brutish – citing some meanings associated with the medical term “fetus” – and seriously wonder whether “insensate” doesn't more aptly apply to certain adults who can, with not a twinge of feeling, condemn an innocent new human being to death.   It is tragically ironic that a human brain can accord a philodendron the benefit of a doubt as to whether it “feels” anything but finds it difficult to allow that a human embryo can feel!

The commonality of such brutish thought among “liberals” can be explained by the fact that many intelligent folk don't really understand the first thing about life, birth, death, or what it means to be human. Such profound lack of understanding should disqualify anyone elected or appointed to make decisions regarding matters of life and death. The mind that can be so preoccupied with the logistics of convenience, profit, and pleasure, as to dismiss issues of basic morality is not only morbidly handicapped but a menace to society. Can there be any great wonder why that there is so much violence, suicide, and political turmoil in America when human life can be treated like trash by moral cowards and professional liars?

The “abortion issue” boils down to this: Shall a woman enjoy the privilege of doing away with an unwanted baby, free of stigma or social condemnation, when we all know that there is no such thing as an unwanted baby? For every “unwanted” infant child there is at least one woman who would gladly be its mother.