A nervous Tom Perez tries to shift Democrat 'narrative' on free health care for illegals

Is Democratic Party chairman Tom Perez seeing some really bad internal polls after Democrats raised their hands in unison about providing government health care for illegals? Sure looks like it - external polls show that government health care coverage for illegals is extremely unpopular, according to this Rasmussen poll. Now Perez, speaking with Fox News's Chris Wallace on Sunday, looks as though he's trying to do damage control, factually shifting what had been said at that second Miami debate, to something maybe more palatable to voters. His only problem is that it's not what voters heard. Here's most of the video clip with Fox News from GOP War Room: The rest, particularly the line claiming the health care was "not a handout" can be seen at this Fox News ink, around the 7th minute. Here's my transcript: Chris Wallace: ...You're in this country illegally, you get health insurance coverage. Perez:...(Read Full Post)
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