Windmills versus nuclear energy

Don't let HBO's acclaimed five-part series Chernobyl (HBOIMDbWikipedia) demonize all nuclear power in your mind.  It made this kid eager to read Mac MacDowell's important June 3 article here at American Thinker.  In "Rare Earth Minerals and Thorium," MacDowell explains a different type of nuclear reactor that would do more than just help us produce clean energy.  "Global warmists" would do well to read it.

If that article floats your boat, then you might also listen to the podcast of John Miller, a trader.  In "Wind 'Farms' = Inefficient Power Plants," Mr. Miller reports on a "wind farm," a term he has no use for, being planned near Columbia, Missouri.  He then goes on to sing the praises of nuclear energy, and the whole thing is quite enjoyable and informative.  His style is down-home and he makes technical matters accessible.  (If you like Miller's podcast, you can find more of them here and here, but they're quite eclectic.)  Here's the Instagram map of the proposed wind farm Miller refers to in the podcast.

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