Why House Dems caved, passing Senate bill funding emergency border care facilities

Nancy Pelosi outsmarted herself demagoguing child suffering and death on the border.  The speaker reversed herself as House Democrats passed the Senate bill funding the border after Pelosi vowed Wednesday "that House Democrats would not pass the bill because they intended to add their own list of demands of things they wanted in the bill."

Drat!  Foiled!

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, darling of the media and hard left, was furious:

Granting President Trump a win of any sort is anathema to Democrats who care more about hurting Trump than helping America, so why did they do so?

The short answer is that they have been bitten in the butt by their own over-the-top rhetoric.

The claim in January that President Trump was using a "manufactured crisis" is relegated to the memory hole, at least until President Trump finds it useful to revive the memory.  It was shaky limb to go out on, because the media and most Trump-haters can't stop themselves from publicizing suffering on the border as a means of portraying Trump as sadistically cruel toward people with skin darker than his own.

The publicity and demagoguery over the unfortunate father and daughter who were found face-down in the Rio Grande, having been warned that it was dangerous but unwilling to wait for legal formalities to make their bogus claim of asylum when it was economic opportunity they sought, worked against Pelosi as the Independence Day recess approached.

Mitch McConnell obtaining 84-8 passage in the Senate for a border aid bill forced her hand.  Had she allowed her chamber to go to recess without passing something to help the situation they were deploring, they would become the responsible party.

Pelosi is supposed to be the master of hardball tactics when it comes to getting her way in the House.  She must be slipping.  Her increasing number of incoherent moments when speaking to the public may indicate a broader deterioration in her mental acuity.  I write this not to be cruel, but because it is so unusual for her to belly-flop this way, and it needs explaining.

Or maybe it is just a matter of "what goes around comes around" (or call it God's reckoning or karma, if you prefer).  Shamelessly ignoring the fact that Obama built the "cages" that Democrats blame on Trump, refusing to fix the legal provision that allows children to become an automatic entry to America if the accompanying adult claims asylum, and refusing to correct conditions in order to harangue Trump are all phony and despicable tactics.

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