What does (and doesn't) unseat a judge in Cook County, Illinois

With Chicago a notorious crime-ridden shooting gallery, the judges who sit on the Cook County bench have an important role to play in protecting the citizenry from repeat offenders. So, what does it take to get rid of a judge there? Not this judge who let a 36-year-old man out on bail for a first-degree murder charge in Chicago: DULUTH, Minn. (FOX 9) - Two people were arrested over the weekend in what the Duluth Police Department said was the largest heroin seizure in the history of the department.  On May 30, investigators executed search warrants at an apartment and a hotel room and recovered approximately 4.3 pounds of heroin, a half-pound of cocaine, a loaded gun and $94,623. The heroin has an estimated street value of $350,000, according to police.  The warrants were the result of a two-month long investigation into a drug trafficking organization with suspected sales of heroin in the region.  Not this judge who relelased a 53-year old man...(Read Full Post)
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