What a real border crisis looks like, in a chart

If there's any question about a border crisis hitting the United States, take a look at this recent chart from the Customs and Border Protection agency. The latest line is the red line: The figures show a border out of control, and absolutely no resources deployed to maintain any control over the border. The Border Patrol calls it, quite rightly, "an emergency." The lawmen can't house that many unvetted people looking for 'free' government services, and they're coming in huge waves now, fattening the cartels and allowing them to transport drugs as lawmen babysit moms-and-kids among the migrant waves, so catch-and-release is about all that can be done.  They've been calling it a crisis for months now, and there has been intelligence about a huge wave in the making. The Border Patrol, three months ago, projected a million migrants planning to enter the U.S. illegally, and a Gallup poll showed that five million Latin...(Read Full Post)
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