Warren beclowns herself chugging alcohol in another ad

Is there anything more embarrassing than a prissy white suburban leftist woman with smarter-than-thou ivy league credentials trying to stump for the hard-hat vote?

That's not stopping Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren from trying to do it:



Like something of that sort isn't going to be calculated to make Warren's campaign look good. You can bet that if, say, Sean Hannity's name was drawn after donating a dollar, he wouldn't be picked for such a stunt. Whoever gets picked for this will be scripted for Warren's 'narrative' and chosen solely to make Warren look good and people know it. 

Here's what's really stupid about it, though.

Warren tried a beer ad a few months ago employing language we know she doesn't use (at least, not to get a Harvard law professor job, she doesn't) which made her look embarrassing:



Normally, when you do something that's a mistake, something that makes you look inauthentic, something that makes you a figure of fun, something that amounts to Saturday Night Live material ... you don't do it again.

Well, here Warren is, doing it again, so convinced the idea was right, never mind the execution, that it had to be tried again. So off she went with another beer ad, one that reminds everyone watching of the first one.

It's not just that she herself looks inauthentic and scripted in both instances. It's that her perceptions about the audience she's trying to reach for votes is so primitive.

She began her quest for hard hat votes by billing herself as the consumer protection agency lady, founder of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (a bona fide bureaucracy she claims on her Twitter site to be the "mom" of) and that fell flat with consumers and voters themselves. The bureaucracy, after all, has been beset with revelations about its monster-sized salaries, its non-accountability to Congress, its clinging bureaucrats who won't leave, its failure to catch the Wells Fargo fake-accounts scam, and its efforts to target payday lenders which consumers use in emergencies. That pretty well renders the whole bureaucracy she founded as not only useless to consumers but actually in opposition to their interests. No wonder the voters aren't biting.

But with that not working, she's doing what she thinks the groundlings and peasants and deplorables out there really want, which is drink beer. What a contrast. First the nasty bureaucracy that calls itself the consumer's friend, and now slugging beer and getting shitfaced to woo the hard hats. That's how she seems to have beaded the people whose votes she wants. Hard hats, see, only care about beer, so that's the crude stereotype she uses to get their votes. Ugh, and take a look at her twitter picture - it looks like a happy-Nazi blues-skies and chubby cheeks propaganda shot. Something she's sure, in fact, that will appeal to those Trump voting hardhats she suspects are Nazis anyway.

Most pols aren't this stupid. Most voters definitely aren't.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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