Warmist hysteria over purportedly ‘catastrophic’ ice melting in Greenland busted

If “global warming,” already twice re-branded as “climate change” and now “climate catastrophe,” were a genuine phenomenon, those promoting the scare would not need to hype naturally-recurring cyclical phenomena as evidence of irreversible change. Yet, over and over again, we hear that, for example, drought in California is permanent – until last year’s record rains…

New York Times article dated May 9, 2016

…or that “the end of snow” is at hand.

New York Times article dated Feb. 7, 2014

But con men know that you never drop the con and admit the hoax, you just distract the mark with other plays on emotion. Thus, we have the specter of catastrophic ice melting, resulting in the flooding of Florida, Manhattan, Pacific islands, and anywhere that gins up fear, pity, or self-protection emotions from the suckers.

 Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That? demolishes the claims that Greenland’s ice cap is melting, a specter promoted with a picture that uses animals to pull on the heartstrings, a successor to the infamous polar bear on a piece of ice apparently drifting out to sea to starve now that his ice cap is gone – a completely phony appeal because polar bears love to jump from ice and swim wherever they want.

Watts writes:

This photo of a dog sled team going through some meltwater on ice in Greenland has made headlines….but it’s just a snapshot of one place, with summer approaching. Nothing really all that unusual is going on.

(BBC photo)

Melting as summer approaches is natural, and spikes of fast melting due to lack of cloud cover and clear skies are not unprecedented, as some overwrought people (Bill McKibben comes to mind) like to claim.





We’ve covered it before in 2012 – along with the same level of catastrophic squawking.

As usually, watt follows up with careful detail on the cyclical nature of the ice melt.

But that won’t stop the cascade of other purported disaster – preferably illustrated with cute animals that people love being allegedly subjected to danger.