WaPo, NYT writers humiliated yesterday after separate fake news attacks almost immediately shown to be false

It’s almost as if writers at the two most important newspapers in America want to be identified as fake news purveyors.  Two reckless false attacks were launched yesterday, based on the hateful imagination of prog news mavens, and almost immediately discredited. Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post suborned a fake news meme with a tweet referencing a respected source: his mommy: (hat tip: The Right Scoop)   Txt from my mom after watching Trump: Are you watching Trump? If so check out the sheet of paper he is holding up as the agreement with Mexico. It is a blank sheet of paper. 🤭😂 — Jonathan Capehart (@CapehartJ) June 11, 2019   Perhaps Mom and Jonny had seen this:   Trump holds up blank paper with claimed secret agreement with Mexico. pic.twitter.com/8RZMHjQKq9 — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) June 11, 2019   Or this:   POTUS holds up what appears to be a blank piece of paper...(Read Full Post)
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