WaPo, NYT writers humiliated yesterday after separate fake news attacks almost immediately shown to be false

It’s almost as if writers at the two most important newspapers in America want to be identified as fake news purveyors.  Two reckless false attacks were launched yesterday, based on the hateful imagination of prog news mavens, and almost immediately discredited.

Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post suborned a fake news meme with a tweet referencing a respected source: his mommy: (hat tip: The Right Scoop)



Perhaps Mom and Jonny had seen this:



Or this:



Or maybe this, from Capehart’s WaPo colleague:



Kessler, who is a “fact-checker” for the WaPo finally checked his facts:



There’s nothing like immediately leaping to a conclusion before the facts are in.  Those “layers and layers of fact checkers” that supposedly separate the MSM from crude blogosphere sites exist only in the imagination of has-beens.

But even worse is calling out a war hero as a coward without even checking the most basic facts, a this New York Times contributor did (hat tip: The Right Scoop). In a now-deleted tweet:

Crenshaw responded:

And Wajit Ali’s snarky response confirmed his arrogance:



As I said, it’s almost as if they are trying to convince us to ignore them.