Trump’s kickoff rally in Orlando signals Russia Hoax will be a major focus of his campaign

President Trump last night clearly signaled that his re-election campaign is going to be built on not just his track record of accomplishments – standard stuff for any re-election campaign – but something quite unusual – an attack on the conspiracy against his presidency that generated the Russia Hoax.  Politicians (the Hillary campaign, and probably President Obama), conspired with unelected bureaucrats from the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies and members of the media (Comey’s leak to CNN of his White House conversation with Trump over the Steele Dossier) to perpetrate the hoax intended at removing an elected president from power. YouTube screen grab Normally, a politician suggesting a conspiracy against him is considered a bad idea, a sign of paranoia. And, no doubt such charges will be made against Trump with all the vehemence his antagonists can summon. But the POTUS has a Trump card (forgive me the pun): the forthcoming Inspector...(Read Full Post)
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