Trump winning China trade war by following Art of the Deal tactics

President Trump is winning the trade war with his Art of the Deal tactics as China's leadership lashes out in a last-ditch effort to regain a stronger negotiating position. Donald Trump in a June 2016 campaign speech blamed politicians for negotiating away many Americans' means for "supporting their families."  Trump successfully sold voters on the concept that as president, he would launch a trade war based on his 11-Step "Art of the Deal" (AOD) negotiating tactic to declare "America's economic independence." China's and India's combined share of global gross domestic product remained stable at 50 percent from 1500 to 1820.  But the percentage plunged to 29 percent in 1870 and didn't bottom until 1998 at about 16 percent, according to McKinsey & Company. But a combination of the United States losing its competitive energy cost advantage for manufacturing in the 1980s, China devaluing its currency...(Read Full Post)
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