Trump victory with Mexico leaves Democrats sputtering -- and looking stupid

President Trump announced a deal with Mexico to help stave the border security crisis, and leaders of both countries celebrated. After all, both countries said they were the winners in the newly signed migration deal. There were losers, of course - Mexico's infamous human smuggling cartels, and far left activists who shake down migrants, both of whom get curbed in the deal. But none made fools of themselves the way the biggest losers here, the Democrats (and their media allies) managed to do. According to the Washington Times:

Democrats lashed out in all directions at President Trump after he won concessions from Mexico to try to stop the flow of illegal immigrants at the border.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chided the president Saturday for his method, saying his threat of tariffs was unbecoming of a friendly country’s treatment of a neighbor.

But Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer took a different approach, saying — seemingly with as much sarcasm as can drip on Twitter — that since Mr. Trump has struck a deal, he can stop talking about illegal immigration.

“Now that that problem is solved, I’m sure we won’t be hearing any more about it in the future,” Mr. Schumer said.

Just days before Mr. Schumer had predicted Mr. Trump would cave and find a reason to revoke his tariff threat.

This is ridiculous.

When you've got both sides celebrating, it's a no-brainer to normal people that it's all good. Mexico avoided tariffs and retains a fighting chance of rescuing its economy. Tijuana doesn't get flooded with more caravans full of foreign migrants. Cartel activity becomes less lucrative so there will be less cartel activity. Americans can happily buy Mexican avocados (world's best) without a punitive new tax on them. Big supply chains stay undisturbed and the markets soar with joy.  In normal parlance, this is what's known as a 'win-win' deal.

President Trump celebrated from Europe via Twitter.





Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador actually flew up to Tijuana to rally and celebrate with the city, which seems thrilled its maquiladoras will continue to hum, its people will continue to get paid, and costly, ungrateful, and crime-commiting migrants disrupting their city will be fewer in number. 



The Tijuaneros looked happy enough, here's what AMLO tweeted on that:

What we have here is evidence the Democrats have been steamrolled, trapped, made fools of by President Trump. How else to explain reactions such as these? You'd think they'd be happy the U.S. economy won't take a hit from Mexican retaliatory tariffs and the stock market is back in the business of rising, helping to fatten the pension funds of Democratic civil servants in places like California. But actually, no, they couldn't be more miserable. They are out doing catcalls. Their sputtering is the output of politicians who've lost the narrative after betting badly on a deal Trump came out a winner on. With the New York Times reporting that the deal was pretty much in the works all along, obviously, Trump trapped them. Again.
Here are a couple of pretty good expressions of how stupid they now look:





There are no fools like old fools, and these leftist gerontocrats just don't seem to know him very well.  
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