Three killer pieces on getting More Trump, trans agenda turning off youth, and cancel culture, by Andrew Sullivan

Remember the Old Andrew Sullivan?  The one whose detailed pieces on why the Left is so awful that we used to sink our teeth into, dating from some twenty years ago?  Sullivan then went on a moderate turn, and somehow it was wasn't the same reading him... But he's got a new three-part piece out in New York magazine, and it's pretty obvious the old Sullivan is back.  All it took was for him to take a good hard look at the Left. The first part of his must-read New York magazine piece goes into exceptional detail about the sheer stupidity of Democrats painting themselves into a corner on immigration, which we saw in the debates.  Yes, he remains a NeverTrump, arguing that he likes sensible immigration policy instead, if for nothing else than to ensure that More Trumps don't get elected, but heh, heh, who thinks Democrats are going to pay attention to that?  Given the Democrats' bacchanal of...(Read Full Post)
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