The only way to counter Ocasio-Cortez’s use of ‘concentration camp’ to describe holding facilities for illegals

Facts and details don’t matter to demagogues and their followers, which is why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has once again succeeded in garnering attention to herself and support from progressive media with an outrageously ignorant and offensive assertion. In a bizarre Instagram post with the words on her tee shirt appearing in mirror image, she called the detention facilities holding border violators while their cases are adjudicated “concentration camps.”

via Twitter screen grab (croppped)

Despite subsequent denials, she was clearly alluding to Nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz, as indicated by her use of the term “Never again” – which is a slogan of Jews determined to prevent another Holocaust.

Ryan Saavedra embedded the video in his tweet:



Liz Cheney, the Holocaust Museum, and many others condemned this appropriation and trivialization of the Holocaust, but Ocasio-Cortez, with support from a number of progs, doubled and tripled down.





Actually, people who are detained after violating the law are not in concentration camps. But such details matter not to the Left. They have the word out there attached to something they blame on President Trump, and as far as they are concerned, the mission has been accomplished.

That is why there is only one approach to use here that has any chance of getting Ocaiso-Cortez and her followers to relent: point out that in making this accusation, she is indicting President Obama for having sent people to “concentration camps.”  President Trump is not the first president to send border violators to such camps. Indeed, he sent illegals to be detained at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, which, it was recently pointed out, housed Japanese internees sent there by President Roosevelt in World War II.