The Left's hypocrisy knows no bounds

The Left's hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Now it is just plain funny.

The Left's hysteria over Trump's answer to Clinton pit bull (miniature poodle) Stephanopoulos asked him if he would listen to and evaluate opposition research from a foreign national would be comical if it were not so blatantly hypocritical.  Trump is right that all politicians seek information on opponents, no matter where it comes from.  They often pay for it.  In Hillary's case, she actually commissioned it, paid for it, and did not care that it was made up out of whole cloth.  The Steele dossier was phonied up by a foreign national, Steele, and the rest of the setup involved the help of several other Western intel assets from the U.K., Italy, and Australia.  Together with their partners in crime within our FBI and CIA, they had quite an operation going.  So arrogant and drunk on power, they were certain they could take down the president they decided was an interloper, not a member of their elite club.

But they got caught.  The Steele dossier was so poorly written that legitimate CIA and FBI agents say no professional intelligence officer would have fallen for it for one minute.  But it was used as "evidence" to begin surveilling the Trump family, friends, Cabinet members, and acquaintances.  Hundreds of innocent civilians were unmasked and spied upon in search of a crime.  The eventual result, the Mueller report, failed to even mention the Steele document or many of the people the Mueller team had harassed.  They bankrupted people who were never charged with a crime.

But our collaborators thought they were so much smarter than everyone else.  They plowed ahead with their grand plan.  They leaked documents, their tools in the media happily wrote articles as if the dossier were factual, and then the plotters used those columns to get FISA warrants in order to spy on the Trump campaign.

First they used Carter Page, long an intel asset of our FBI and CIA.  He often worked in Russia and was always debriefed by the CIA or the FBI when he returned.

This bunch cared not a bit whom they damaged or destroyed; their goal was a worthy one even if it was seditious.  Even as the depth and breadth of their insidious plan is exposed, they remain defiant, certain they will escape indictments.  They are, after all, masters of the Deep State.  They win; everyone they target loses.  That was the plan.  They would successfully frame Trump for collusion with Russia, even though they knew he had done nothing of the kind, and he would have to resign, hopefully before his inauguration.  When that didn't happen, they would force him to leave office.

They forgot to remember that, unlike previous Republican presidents, Trump is a fighter.  He pushes back, and this time, a small group of Republicans in the House and Senate and another small group of intrepid actual journalists kept digging for the truth and found it.  Mainstream media outlets have steadfastly refused to report the facts as they've been unearthed so that when A.G. Barr was asked before House committee if there was spying on the Trump campaign and he answered yes, there was an immediate meltdown among Democrats.  How dare he suggest such a thing?  By then, it was common knowledge among those paying attention.

The Left colludes with whomever it wants if leftists deem it necessary to their desired ends.  Ted Kennedy wanted to work with Moscow to defeat Reagan.  China contributed millions of dollars to Bill Clinton's campaigns, illegally.  Pelosi sidled up to Assad (2007) in Syria against the Bush administration's policy.  Biden and Feinstein are joined at the hip with China.  Clinton and Obama partisans are right now colluding with Iran and China in hopes of undermining the president.  They are at this moment making common cause with the governments of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico in order to keep our southern border open and flush with migrants on a daily basis.  Do they care what this invasion does to the states and cities that must absorb those migrants?  Not at all.

The Left has thoroughly discarded any concerns it may have once had for American citizens and their neighborhoods.  Leftists are one hundred percent in support of anything that will foil Trump's promise to put a stop to the massive illegal immigration now taking place.

So it was well and truly amusing to hear the parade of outraged leftists, from Pelosi to every single host and guest on CNN and MSNBC, express their horror at Trump's honest answer to war-room thug Stephanopoulos.  They give new meaning to the word "hyperbole"!

Did little George set Trump up, or did Trump set him up?  The latter may be true in order to expose the rank hypocrisy of the Democrats and their media lackeys.  It poured out of their mouths all day long.  Pelosi was "appalled" and said Trump doesn't know the difference between right and wrong!  That is rich, coming from the Catholic woman who now supports infanticide, has become a billionaire while a member of the House, and has let her own city devolve into a slum.  As for the gaggle of media talking heads, few people watch CNN or MSNBC anymore, so those networks' wrath most likely dissipated into the ether as soon as their words were uttered.  No one pays attention to any of them except their captives in airports, gyms, and sports bars. 

So another ginned up, manufactured crisis has come and gone.  Each successive "walls closing in" moment that the Democrat machine tries to exploit makes them shrink, demonstrates for all just how empty they are, individually and as a group.  They have no ideas to run on for 2020 beyond the still hoped for destruction of Trump.  The Dem candidates are trying to sell socialism, high taxes, further destruction of our health care by adopting NHS-style rationing, and an assortment of green new deals meant to take us back to a pre-industrial era.  Bernie shouts, Warren shrieks, Biden flip-flops every day.  Schiff, Nadler, and their confederates continue to make craven fools of themselves.

Hopefully, the orchestrators of the entire hoax , both here and abroad, will be indicted for the many crimes they've committed against their own country.  Meanwhile, Trump goes about his days, doing a great job as president.  He keeps winning; they keep losing.  That is how it's likely to be for another six years.

Image: Ford-Foundation via Flickr.

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