The Chernobyl HBO series and our collusion hoaxers

The final episode of the HBO mini-series Chernobyl aired on Monday night, and the end was profoundly grim, as the truth is often difficult to hear and see.  The nuclear accident at Chernobyl in the then–Soviet Union happened on April 26, 1986.  It was catastrophic.  Thirty-one people died in the explosion and the immediate aftermath.  The fallout from the accident may have killed as many as ninety-three thousand.  They died of cancers, many of the victims children.

The Soviet Union was not forthcoming about the cause and severity of the accident for many years.  Only one nuclear scientist had the courage to tell the truth at the show trial of the three persons on duty in the control room that night.  Only one of them, a twenty-five-year employee, was truly responsible, but then even he had never been properly trained to understand the challenging complexities of how the reactor functioned.  Bottom line?  The series is a window onto the utmost criminal failures of communism, its primacy of the state above all else.  People are just instruments of it, to be used and discarded.  There is absolutely no value or respect for individual human beings. 

It is curious that the series was aired at this moment in time.  Our American left revered Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviet Union in the 1980s.  Ted Kennedy made several overtures to persons in the USSR in the hope of preventing President Reagan's 1984 re-election.  Democrats worshiped Gorbachev and loathed Reagan almost as much as they hate Trump.  Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union in 1988.  Leftists also loved Soviet vassal state Cuba, led by dictator Fidel Castro, and pretended Cuba was a successful enterprise.  They loved Cuba's vassal state Nicaragua, too, led by Daniel Ortega and his communist Sandinistas.  The Left, then as today, has affection for all the wrong people.  Leftists liked Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and find it hard to condemn his successor, Nicolás Maduro.  Between the two of those leftist leaders, that once rich nation has been utterly destroyed.

So why, when communism-socialism has for so long been venerated by the Marxist left in the U.S., does a self-avowed Trump-hating leftist, writer Craig Mazin, provide for us this obviously accurate account of the worst nuclear disaster in history?  When Stephen King tweeted that the program made him think of Trump, ridiculous on its face, Mazin tweeted back that he was glad King was watching the show "smartly."  Not so smart on Mazin's part.  Who can explain King's derangement?  Like all the other mind-numbed self-adoring celebrities who for inexplicable reasons despise the president, one can only assume they are truly and sadly ignorant of all things historical.  This is possible if they were educated at a university in the last fifty years.  What's King's excuse?  Perhaps Mazin himself, though old enough to know better (b. 1971), cannot see the truth of what he has created: communism and its twin, socialism, are brutal and failed ideologies that effectively dehumanize their victims.  Trump is an America-loving patriot, an avowed capitalist who, over the past two-plus years, has been victimized by a set of people who would fit nicely in the machinery of the old Soviet Union.  At the same time, he has created the lowest unemployment rate in decades and jump-started the sluggish Obama economy to roaring heights.

Near the end of the series Chernobyl, after the one honest scientist has told the truth at the "trial," he is rendered a non-person.  He is told, "Your testimony here will never be accepted by the state, it will never be disseminated to the press.  It never happened."  This seems frighteningly similar to the mindset of the Russia-collusion villains, John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, et al.  They are each a perfect example of Soviet-style statists, power and control of the narrative above all.  They never for one moment thought their illegal, deceitful scheme would become public any more than the Soviets thought the truth of Chernobyl would ever be revealed.  But it was.  The one brave scientist in the series, Valery Legasov, who told the truth at the trial at which numerous other scientists were present, also made tapes.  His tapes were shared throughout the nuclear science community.  That is how the world, only gradually, learned the truth.  Eventually, the Russians had to acknowledge the facts and the flaws of the reactor design.  They did retrofit their other reactors and build a containment dome over the devastated reactor 4. 

Our left's inability to accept Trump's victory in the 2016 election has become a disease of its own making; leftists wallow in it.  They think they are thriving in it, but they are in fact becoming desiccated by the sheer weight of their own self-pity.  Gorbachev wrote in 2006, "The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl was perhaps the true cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union."  It is entirely possible that the plot to frame Trump in order to unseat him will be the true test of America's survival as a constitutional republic.  Unless the plotters are exposed and charged with the crimes they committed, we will be no better than the old USSR.  Legasov, while being un-personed for telling the truth and asked to never speak about the disaster again, was told: "Why worry about something that is never going to happen?"  His response to that was: "That's perfect.  They should put that on our money."  What the Soviet government thought would never happen did happen, and it was horrific.

Our money still says, "In God We Trust," but the Left is all about expunging God from every aspect of American life, just as the Soviets did.  The Left today, including all of the Democrat candidates for president, is in agreement.  Leftists advocate for no restrictions on abortion, open borders, socialized medicine (which means rationed medicine), massive redistribution of wealth beyond what we already have, and the radical transformation of American life because they are convinced the planet is warming and that it is the scourge of humans that is responsible.  They are intent on bringing about the same sort of tyranny that the Soviet Union was and, for the most part, remains.  Those of us who aim to foil their plan elected Trump and are damn glad we did.  He is the last, best man standing between us and them.  Trump is all that stands between these dehumanizing statists and liberty-loving Americans. 

The writers, producers, and most of all those who did the research on Chernobyl have done us an enormous favor.  They've shown us where our left wants to take us, and it is an ugly, terrifying future to behold.  From socialism to communism is a baby step, the eventual goal of "leaders" like our own radical Marxists — Obama, HRC, Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and their ilk.  America for the time being avoided something analogous to a nuclear explosion by electing Trump.  Watch Chernobyl and learn. 

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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