The clear goal each day for the Washington Post is to take out Trump, and evidence never matters

It appears that every day, news people and editorial boards get together to see how they can take out President Trump and elect Democrats. A significant number of supposed news and editorial items are hit pieces on Trump, based on anonymous sources or else just reprints of Democrat talking points.

A piece by Washington Post editorial board on Wednesday is a pathetic example. The editorial insists that America believe writer E. Jean Carroll, who said, without evidence, that Trump raped her decades ago.

Mr. Trump claims that Ms. Carroll, in addition to not being his type, is “totally lying.” As a matter of principle, everyone deserves a presumption of innocence. But in Mr. Trump’s case, that has to be tempered by what we know. We know that Mr. Trump routinely traffics in falsehoods. We know that he has shown contempt for the law in many contexts.

They write that normally in America, people are innocent until proven guilty, but not Trump, because he lies too much and has contempt for the law.

Isn’t it something that a newspaper can make this claim with such logic?

It's actually part of a pattern in a hate-Trump nexus. The Post that can argue what it argues about Carroll, but it also continually peddles lies about Trump's rule-of-law stance on immigration, and instead supports sanctuary cities and states which won’t abide by laws also makes those claims against Trump. It appears that Trump wants to enforce the immigration laws Congress passed and journalists and Democrats won’t. Where has Trump violated the Constitution in the way that Obama did?

For around three years, the Washington Post, in collusion with Democrats, has sold the lie that Trump colluded with Russia with no evidence, too.

The WP was the lead paper in seeking to destroy Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, in collusion with Democrats, when there was zero evidence that any of the stories peddled against him were at all true.

The WP also sought to destroy white Christian boys from Covington, Kentucky, by declaring them racists because they were wearing MAGA hats. It was clear from the start that the boys did nothing to gin up racial hate, but the media did. It is despicable how many people were involved in this. It is even more despicable how many journalists and other Democrats were among them, showing a willing to destroy kids as they sought to push an agenda.

See the pattern?

And it's not just this year that they are doing this, or even confined to the Post. All of the press is involved in this. A few years ago, it was clear from the start that a black teen went after a gun of a white police officer in another case, yet the media participated in ginning up racial hate and violence, and especially hate of cops by pushing the false “hands up don’t shoot narrative.” Isn’t the media proud of destroying that white police officers and his family’s life? How many cops have died because the media peddled the narrative?

There also was never evidence that the Jussie Smollett story was true, but the media peddled it because the lies were meant to take out Trump and gin up hate -- once again.

Journalists and other Democrats also like to claim Trump is solely responsible for the division in the country today. That is another bald-faced lie meant to mislead the public. Journalists have been trying to take out Republicans and elect Democrats for a long time and neither evidence nor the truth mattered.

When Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, the media then treated him exactly as they treat Trump.  One example is that they spread a story, with no evidence, that Reagan tried to delay the hostage release to get elected. 

In 2004, Dan Rather tried to take out George W. Bush with unverified documents. (Isn’t that just like the Democrats, where Hillary paid for fake dossier?)

CBS News admits Bush documents can’t be verified

In 2008, the NY Times sought to take out then-candidate John McCain as an adulterer and other negative things, which he was not. And think of all the effort they spent trying to destroy his running mate, Sarah Palin, and her family, while virtually ignoring everything Obama and Biden did in their past during the 2008 election cycle.

Then, when McCain died, the hypocritical media and other Democrats pretended they always loved him.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2012 just made up the story that GOP candidate Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes and instead of Reid having to prove it, the media put the GOP in a bind. Just like Trump, Romney was declared guilty and had to prove his innocence.

They've always sought to take out Republicans for decades, and worse still, they looked the other way as the congenitally lying Clintons physically and mentally abused women, took kickbacks, and violated many laws. The WP and others supported them in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2016 as they sought election for public office.

The Me-too movement would have started decades earlier if journalists would have ever given a damn about the women the Clintons abused and sought to destroy as they quested for power.

Google, WP and the rest of the media clearly have lost any sense of objectivity as they seek to elect big government Democrats who they know they can control. In 2016, they all colluded with Democrats to protect and elect Hillary while trying to take out Trump. I hate to guess what illegal schemes they will try in their effort to take out Trump and elect Democrats in 2020. Now Google is on the hot seat for it.

Our economic freedom and prosperity are at risk at this point. All because of this bias against President Trump. No one should allow Google and other media outlets to spread their indoctrination and lies to influence or control our vote. The bias is long-standing and obvious.

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