Something journalists, activists and other Democrats never suggest to illegal aliens: abide by the laws Congress passed!

Not once in the article below did the stenographer suggest that illegal aliens abide by the laws Congress writes.  It never seems to enter journalists' minds.  Journalists, activists, and other Democrats tell illegal aliens how to break the law and ignore the law but not that they should follow the law.

Yet every day we hear lectures from the complicit media in collusion with other Democrats about how no one should be above the law in the United States.  Do sanctuary city and state politicians recognize that the public can tell they are encouraging lawbreaking? 

When we hear stories about the homelessness in California and elsewhere, why don't we hear how illegal aliens contribute to the problem?  They take jobs and affordable housing, yet instead of discouraging illegal aliens from breaking the law, politicians encourage them to come by lavishing free stuff on them with confiscated dollars from this and future generations. 

Sophia Tareen of the Associated Press writes:

Activists step up trainings amid deportation threats

Ceci Garcia believes that if her husband had a better understanding of his rights, he would have avoided deportation to Mexico after telling a suburban Chicago police officer during a 2012 traffic stop that he was living in the U.S. illegally.

"He failed to remain silent," said the U.S. citizen mother of five. "He proceeded and told the truth."

From Los Angeles to Atlanta, advocates and attorneys have brought "know-your-rights" workshops to schools, churches, storefronts and consulates, tailoring their efforts on what to do if Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows up at home or on the road. They've role-played interactions, handed out pocket guides, provided hotlines, hosted webinars and offered scripts. The result, advocates argue, is more savvy immigrants who are increasingly refusing to open their doors or provide information, something they hope will blunt any impact of any operation.

"It's more about making sure that people feel like they have some power over what is happening in their lives," said Katarina Ramos, a National Immigrant Justice Center staff attorney. "And that they have some control over what is inherently a very scary situation."

Whether it's the American Civil Liberties Union or a neighborhood nonprofit, the trainings focus on the same ideas: the right to remain silent; refusing officers entry into a home; not signing anything without legal representation; and asking for paperwork from agents. They are rights attorneys say apply to everyone regardless of citizenship status.

There is another story out by the AP about supposed Trump sexual abuse over twenty years ago.

Trump Denies Knowing Woman who accusing him of sexual assault

This story has a lot in common with a significant amount of garbage that supposed journalists pollute the public with on a daily basis.  There is zero evidence that the incident occurred, only an allegation.  So why does the story hit the papers?  The answer is to make the public believe that it happened.  As long as it fits the Democrat agenda of destroying Trump, the story is printed.

The Russian collusion story goes on even though there was never any evidence that it happened.

The false story about what Trump said in Charlottesville is still out there.

There was never any evidence that the Jussie Smollett story was true. 

The media set out to destroy white Christian boys even though it was clear that the story that they were racists was false from the start.  

One of the most despicable examples of false stories when the media helped gin up racial hate, violence, and hate of cops was the false "hands up, don't shoot" narrative. 

The examples of the media pushing the Democrat agenda with talking points or anonymous sources instead of facts run on and on. 

Isn't it time that the media cared about facts and the law?  Is there any wonder why most of the public doesn't trust them?

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