Socialists torture Venezuelan navy captain to death. Where's Bernie, Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez?

After leftists such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar made a big to-do about not meaning Venezuela's failed socialism as the kind of socialism they'd like to impose on America, and worse still, defending the regime as a mere victim of U.S. sanctions, we now have some naked torture and human-rights violations coming from the regime that simply can't be explained away.

According to the New York Times:

CARACAS — A Venezuelan Navy captain accused by the government of plotting a rebellion has died in custody a week after his arrest, underlining President Nicolás Maduro’s increasingly ferocious repression campaign amid a spiraling economic crisis.

The captain, Rafael Acosta, is the first of more than 100 active and retired Venezuelan officers jailed by the government on treason charges to die in custody after allegations of torture.

A military judge told Captain Acosta’s legal team on Saturday that the officer had died in a military hospital the previous night, said his lawyer, Alonso Medina Roa. Captain Acosta was detained on June 21 and charged with treason and conspiring to rebel. He denied the charges.

Mr. Medina Roa said the captain had been detained in good health but was in a wheelchair when he was brought into a courthouse on Friday. The lawyer said his client was struggling to speak or move, showed visible signs of beatings, and kept repeating the word “help” to his legal team.

That's a death-squad regime, the kind that people such as Omar made a huge brouhaha about when a comparable murder occurred from Saudi Arabia. Her twitter feed about this? Dead silence.

Meanwhile, for all their howling about the U.S. border surge situation and the fact that among hundreds of thousands of illegal entrants, a few have died in U.S. custody for complex reasons, none deliberate killings, we have a similar specter going on in Venezuela, where migrants fleeing the horrors of socialism are now daily dying at sea trying to reach the first of any country they can possibly reach. The Caracas Chronicles has that awful unreported story. And Bernie? Omar? Sandy? Silence. It's obvious this doesn't bother them. Omar is all in with making fake claims of 'torturing kids' at the U.S. border, which isn't happening, but has nothing to say about the real torture going on against dissidents in the socialist nightmare of Venezuela. Bernie Sanders insists that Trump is 'demonizing' immigrants and that's the reason a sad drowning at the Rio Grande happened. What about the other, much more numerous daily drownings, Berns? Who's really demonizing people in flight? As for Ocasio-Cortez, she's out declaring citizenship "deeply linked" with racism. What does she call torturing dissidents to death by a socialist death squad regime which gets away with more and more atrocity these days?

What's scary here is that the Maduro regime ruling Venezuela is buttressed by these cheerleaders for the defense of their regime. And as all hardcore socialist hellholes, deep in the consolidation of their nightmare, they function on terror and human rights violations, literally torturing dissidents to death. If these leftists in the U.S. are so concerned about proving that it's not Venezuela they'd like to impose on the U.S., maybe they can start condemning the evil state that socialist hellhole has fallen to. They're literally torturing dissidents to death now, in front of our eyes, not apologizing for it, not concealing it, and happily getting away with it. Their useful idiot corps in the states is intact. The silence of these leftists speaks louder than anything they can say.