Smackdown: Marco Rubio calls bee ess on de Blasio's claim to have no idea he was quoting Che Guevara

Sometimes, a leftist just has to be called on his lies.

Exhibit A: New York's mayor, Bill de Blasio, who was in Miami for the Democratic debates and decided to stay around for a day, heading over to an airport workers' strike and yelling (in that perfectly fluent Spanish of his):

"Hasta la victoria, siempre!" de Blasio shouted. The phrase translates to, "Until victory, always!," and is attributed to Guevara, a key figure in the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro. 

"We will be with you every step of the way," de Blasio added as he spoke to the crowd.

After that, de Blasio remembered where he was, probably hearing from the locals.  Then he remembered he was running for president, not chief Sandinista, and then he backtracked.  According to Fox News:

[L]ess than one hour after Miami's WFOR-TV posted a video of his remarks, De Blasio tweeted out an apology, saying he did not mean to offend anyone "who heard it that way." He also claimed he didn't know the phrase was associated with Guevara and offered up a mea culpa for his ignorance.

De Blasio indeed has a far-left background and absolutely would have known whom he was quoting, particularly because Guevara was a hero to him.  Unlike other Democratic candidates, his Spanish was actually pretty good.  And of course, it got good because of his extensive exposure to far-left Castroite ideology and that of Castro's Nicaraguan pawn state.  He was in deep.  Now he wants to be U.S. president.

To say he wouldn't know about common Castroite slogans defies belief.  Castro smiles.

Fortunately, Sen. Marco Rubio, whose family fled the horrors of Castrodom, was there to take out the trash.

Smackdown.  A charlatan exposed.  And the twitterers cheered.  Good job, Marco Rubio.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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