Smackdown: Ben Rhodes gets owned on Iran by Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Iran's mullah regime is acting up again, this time torpedoing tankers in the Persian Gulf, and who should turn up to cast doubt on its behavior but former Obama administration Deputy National Security Advisor, Iran Deal negotiator, and creative writing major Ben Rhodes. Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw was waiting for him, and it didn't end well for Rhodes. In the wake of the Iran news, Rhodes put out four dubious tweets: First, his pinned one with an article dating from May:   Trump’s administration has made every effort to manufacture a crisis with Iran: — Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 17, 2019   Then these:   This definitely feels like the kind of incident where you'd want an international investigation to establish what happened. Huge risk of escalation. — Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) June 13, 2019     There has been no Secretary of...(Read Full Post)
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