Sarah Sanders is a class act. The leftist media are not just mean, but vicious and cruel.

We all know that leftists are intolerant.  They cannot abide those with differing opinions.  One only has to scroll through a few pages of Twitter or any other social media site to know that this is true.  It is true as well among leftist media personalities, especially on CNN and MSNBC.  As Monica Showalter wrote here on Thursday, the news that Sarah Sanders will be leaving her post as President Trump's press secretary led many of them to reveal their inner mean girls.

Former Twitter icon of the White House press secretary.

Their behavior would be entirely unacceptable among children; they would rightfully be called bullies.  But these are people who inhabit adult bodies, who go to work as pundits or analysts on two alleged news outlets.  We all know that CNN and MSNBC are not actual news outlets; they are in business for one purpose only: to spend their hours on air trashing anyone to the right of Saul Alinsky.  That is what they do all day, every day.

They viciously malign all Republicans and of course the current president, his staff, and his supporters.  And on Friday, the news of Sanders's leaving revealed to everyone just how vile these people really are.  April Ryan, Nicolle Wallace, Jim Acosta, and their nasty little clique of like-minded on-air non-entities were absolutely monstrous.  They each seemed to relish the opportunity to shred this fine woman in public.  Let us hope none of them is a parent, for if any of them is, he's a despicable role model.

Sarah Sanders has been the finest, most engaging press secretary since Tony Snow.  She will be sorely missed by those of us who early on came to admire her grace under fire and to respect her ability to field questions from the same people who behaved so monstrously on Friday.  She is extraordinarily quick-thinking and often very funny.  She made watching the White House press briefings entertaining, for she did not suffer fools gladly, and most of the W.H. press corps behave like ill-mannered fools, especially Jim Acosta and April Ryan.  Each of them is old enough to know better, to have learned somewhere along the line to have respect for others, but these two and many of their colleagues as well have not learned the basics of polite society.

What does that tell us, those of us who have observed their relentless unkindness toward President Trump and his staff?  That they are both childish and fiendish; they relish their opportunity to publicly vilify those whom they oppose politically.  They are bullies, of that we can be sure, and they cherish what they see as their positions in a certain level of power that allows them to be cruel.  And cruel they are.  If any of their parents are alive, they must be very ashamed of these middle-aged adults who traffic in the politics of personal destruction. 

This degenerate class of not-journalists accuses Sanders of lying!  Because she has represented the president, they have challenged every word she ever uttered.  Since Trump became the nominee for the presidency, the Left has focused on anything it hoped might derail him.  Their disdain for Trump supporters led them down a primrose path; they assumed the deplorables would be horrified by their tales of Trump's supposed promiscuity.  Because they abhor his incautious way of speaking, they stupidly assumed the folks in flyover country would as well.  They made fun of Sarah Sanders's Arkansas accent that most everyone else found charming, especially because it was delivered with such intellectual firepower.

These infantile, rude, crude, and most of all cruel people who populate much of the mainstream media are a disgrace to this nation, let alone to a profession that at least pretended to be objective and truthful but was in fact always tainted by bias.  Read Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin.  Not one of these nattering nabobs of negativity can be called a journalist, let alone an analyst.  Not one of them seems at all familiar with the Constitution, though they all verbally toss it around as if they were.  Each of them is ignorant of American history beyond believing that our founding was illegitimate.  They've all succumbed to the indoctrination fashionable in universities for the last forty years.  They care only about race, class, and sex.  All of this means that not one of them is a critical thinker.  They are all just plain old mean, like the worst bully any of us knew in middle school.  Their brains are full of mush.

Sarah Sanders is a class act.  She has put up with all manner of insults and injury simply because she worked for Trump.  Her composure in the face of nonstop abuse these past two years has elevated her to a permanent position in the hearts and minds of conservatives.  She deserves a respite from the romper room level of discourse that defines the Beltway.  As for her detractors, they've shown their true colors, and they are ugly colors, indeed.

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