Sara Jeong comes out in favor of social media censorship of conservatives — and Ted Cruz is waiting for her

Remember Sarah Jeong?  The newly hired New York Times editorial writer famous for her racist tweets exposed long-ago, has now jumped onto the censor-the-conservatives bandwagon.  She tweeted support for banning conservatives on social media in some complete amnesia regarding her own history of racist tweets.

She actually made a series of such tweets on her Twitter site, viewable here, which is rather astounding.  Someone who's been caught making racist remarks herself on Twitter must be supremely confident that her own racial slurs don't matter.  Or that slurs such as hers shouldn't be censored because she did them.

Fortunately, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was waiting for her.

Jeong, of course replied, quite absurdly:

She had some other whining tweets about the senator, too, viewable here.

Does she ever look at herself?  Or does she just like being a hypocrite?  Something tells me it's the latter.

Image credit: XOXO Festival via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0.