Oh-oh! Oberlin College’s insurance company says their policy doesn’t cover the huge verdict against it

See also: Catering to the PC mob is going to cost Oberlin College big bucks The insurer that covers Oberlin College for liability, Lexington Insurance Company, filed documents with court last month indicating that its umbrella liability policy would not cover costs of any judgment for the plaintiffs.  That means that if, after the appeals process has run its course, the plaintiffs move to collect the $11 million a jury just awarded them (plus whatever punitive damages – up to $22 more – are awarded next week), Lexington likely won’t pay and Oberlin would have to sue for reimbursement.   We know this thanks to the research of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, which looked at the court filings, and LI’s founder, William A. Jacobson who explains them. His article,  “EXCLUSIVE: Oberlin College insurer likely to reject coverage for Gibson Bakery $11 million verdict,” presents the legal reasoning, and provides excerpts from the...(Read Full Post)
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