Oberlin's cultural rot went far beyond SJW politics into a 'culture of theft'

In the wake the landmark $44-million verdict against Oberlin College for defaming a five-generation family business, information is coming to light about the behavior of students and administrators at that once respectable institution that is simply appalling.  As throughout the entire story, Legal Insurrection is owed a huge thank-you for its deep dive into the evidence. As revealed in a tweet from L.I., a 2017 article in a student publication at Oberlin, The Grape, discussed the predominance (over 80%!) of Oberlin students in shoplifting arrests in that small Ohio city. Culture of corruption - large percentage of shoplifting arrests were Oberlin College students (82.5%), what student mag called the Oberlin College "Culture of Theft" (mag not admitted in evidence, stats were)https://t.co/2nCQ0UQbi4 pic.twitter.com/YQhmAPR1ez — Legal Insurrection (@LegInsurrection) June 15, 2019 Let me restate this. Oberlin students acted as predators on the...(Read Full Post)
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