Oberlin College ignored the First Law of Holes responding to the jury verdict against it

See also: Catering to the PC mob is going to cost Oberlin College big bucks and Oh-oh! Oberlin College’s insurance company says their policy doesn’t cover the huge verdict against it   Lack of respect for juries can be very, very costly. The landmark jury verdict awarding $11 million (with the possibility of triple damages to come) to members of the Gibson Family, owners of a 5-generation bakery boycotted and slandered by students with the encouragement of a College official, is looking to be as much about social class as it is about the excesses social justice warriors (SJWs). I write this, not to castigate the local folk who made up the jury and sympathized with the “townies” attacked by the “gowns” of Oberlin, but rather in recognition of what William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, who owns this story, pointed out about Oberlin’s response to the verdict. It appears that Oberlin, a relatively wealthy and elite college, is...(Read Full Post)
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