Obama-appointee to federal bench dismisses lawsuit against transfer of park land to Obama's personal monument

The monument to Barack Obama, the community organizer turned president, has vanquished the community organizers who attempted to stop its takeover of public land.   Federal Judge John Robert Blakey, appointed by Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate in 2014, wants construction to begin “without delay” on the “Obama Presidential Center” (OPC) on former park land belonging to the citizens of Chicago. The OPC should not be confused with a presidential library, as it will not contain any official records of the Obama presidency and will not be under the control of the National Archives or any governmental body at all. It is strictly a private project, under the control of a board of Obama acolytes unaccountable to the public and will function as a monument to Obama. One of several renderings of the proposed OPC released by the Obama Foundation In a move the Chicago Tribune called “surprising,” Judge Blakey used strong language to...(Read Full Post)
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