New York Times guy can't quite figure out why O'Keefe's Google revelations are actually a story

It's often said that the denizens of the New York Times live in a bubble, and nowhere is it more obvious than at the Times' editorial page on the matter of James O'Keefe's undercover reporting revealing how Google intends to skew the 2020 election in favor of Democrats. Get a load of this tweet sequence:   so it seems to me that this 'investigation' about Google's bias is really just a bunch of non technical ppl mixing up algorithmic bias w/ political bias. am i wrong? could one of you smart technologists who follow me explain? — Charlie Warzel (@cwarzel) June 24, 2019     i mean obviously the video snippets from their 'whistleblower' are all completely contextless and thus not to be taken seriously. but the part about fairness and algos. that's just them seeing the word bias and not understanding what it means, right? — Charlie Warzel (@cwarzel) June 24,...(Read Full Post)