Mueller Report busted for doctoring transcript and misleading on obstruction of justice evidence

It’s all downhill now for Robert Mueller and the very costly report fashioned by his team of Trump-hating lawyers. They have been exposed as propagandists attempting to falsely implicate President Trump’s team in obstruction of justice by doctoring a transcript of a telephone call, omitting exculpatory words. Because they were paid tens of millions of dollars by taxpayers to accurately assess the Russia hoax charges only to come up with nothing, obstruction was their fallback option to fuel impeachment talk among House Democrats and thereby obstruct the performance of the duties of the presidency by the elected incumbent, Donald John Trump. But now we can plainly see that they stacked the deck out of sheer animus to the president. On Friday, following an order from Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is tasked with sentencing General Michael Flynn for his guilty plea in a dubious process crime the Mueller Team charged him with, the government filed “on the public docket...(Read Full Post)
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