MSNBC contributor twists the knife, comparing Kyle Kashuv to mass shooter

What kind of a creep is MSNBC contributor David Jolly making himself into? Here's the Daily Beast, reporting the former Republican's remarks about young Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland shooting survivor whose place at Harvard was rescinded based on racist remarks he wrote as a 16 year-old, on the leftist network: Reacting to Harvard’s decision to pull Parkland shooting survivor and right-wing pundit Kyle Kashuv’s admission over past racial slurs, former Republican Rep. David Jolly asserted Tuesday that the racist messages Kashuv sent to classmates were the hallmarks of a mass shooter. During an MSNBC panel discussion on Kashuv, host Stephanie Ruhle asked Jolly—currently an MSNBC analyst—if he thought the Ivy League university’s decision was political, noting that prominent conservatives have “cried foul” because Kashuv was one of the few Parkland survivors who vocally defended gun rights. So for...(Read Full Post)
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