MSNBC contributor twists the knife, comparing Kyle Kashuv to mass shooter

What kind of a creep is MSNBC contributor David Jolly making himself into?

Here's the Daily Beast, reporting the former Republican's remarks about young Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland shooting survivor whose place at Harvard was rescinded based on racist remarks he wrote as a 16 year-old, on the leftist network:

Reacting to Harvard’s decision to pull Parkland shooting survivor and right-wing pundit Kyle Kashuv’s admission over past racial slurs, former Republican Rep. David Jolly asserted Tuesday that the racist messages Kashuv sent to classmates were the hallmarks of a mass shooter.

During an MSNBC panel discussion on Kashuv, host Stephanie Ruhle asked Jolly—currently an MSNBC analyst—if he thought the Ivy League university’s decision was political, noting that prominent conservatives have “cried foul” because Kashuv was one of the few Parkland survivors who vocally defended gun rights.

So for writing some stupid racist remarks at age 16, something he was too young to know could spread outside of his social circle, and for which he has sinced expressed a rather sincere remorse, he's now a mass shooter?

Kashuv, to his credit, did defend himself against this flaming trash from Jolly:



The bottom line here is that you don't make remarks like that to a survivor of a school shooting, let alone a kid who's encountering some very significant disappointment. We're talking about basic human decency here.

But then we have creatures walking among us like David Jolly, completely foreign to decency, whose cruelty is rather impressive. Recall that many of us criticized Laura Ingraham for being harsh on Kashuv's classmate, the obnoxious, toilet-mouthed, left-wing David Hogg back when he had some college travails of his own, in his case for not being able to get into the college of his choice. People were critical because it was rather a cruel thing to do to a disappointed kid (and as I predicted here, Hogg would get into Harvard anyway). Ingraham is decent, and she did apologize.

What was Jolly trying to do here as he advised us about the "hallmarks" of a mass shooter, something he would know nothing about?

Well, trying to destroy the kid, for starters. And since he's a guy who lacks decency, a look at his own past when he was 16 is pretty instructive. On Twitchy, it turns out he had some doozies to his own career as a 16 year-old. He literally killed a man with his car, something for which he was never charged. No wonder he flings around the charge of killer so facilely, it's something he'd know about.



He's also a coverup artist. In another context, regarding his Scientology and lobbying background, he tried to cover up information about the whole thing on his Wikipedia page, something he blamed "staff" for. No sympathy for young Kyle for being outed by some snitch among his schoolmates, but lots of effort of his own to cover up his own secrets. The decency thing, again. 

His hypocrisy is breathtaking.

More importantly, he was, for very opportunistic reasons, trying to play to the leftist mob with his crazy charges. The implication of course is that if we can just eliminate Republicans (Kashuv very likely is one), see, all school shootings should end. So why not try to destroy him, making up stuff about Kashuv being the real mass shooter or something? What better way to deflect from the sad and outrageous story about Harvard's cupidity and wokeness, and play to the politically correct mob?

Even the Daily Beast was appalled by the whole specter, not just in the tone of their piece, but by their refrain about Jolly being a former Republican congressman. Why did they keep harping on that? To pin the disgustingness onto Republicans. Hey, it's them saying it, not us!

The rest of us can see what's going on and we don't like it one bit.

Image credit: Ben P L via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0