More proof Joe Biden is not up to the rigors of campaigning

Joe Biden is testing a new campaign tactic in Iowa: Insult the voters as ignoramuses.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Like President Trump, I have my fingers crossed that Biden’s lead over the rest of the Democrats’ filed will continue and that he will secure the Democrats’ nomination. But time is not on our side because Biden can’t hide from the public enough to prevent him spewing a critical mass of stupid comments.

The Great State of Iowa grabbed the national spotlight when Jimmy Carter managed to grab attention by winning the until-then-obscure Iowa Caucuses and parlaying that into sudden national prominence and the nomination and presidency. Ever since then, Iowans have taken their responsibilities seriously, spending lots of time attending rallies and watching the field of potential nominees flock to the Hawkeye State. Iowans, in general, are the salt of the earth types, rooted in agriculture and industry, and in their earnest Midwestern style, asking questions and listening to answers.

That’s why Biden telling Iowans that they “probably don’t know where Delaware is” is such a bizarre thing to say. Kyle Olsen of The American Mirror spotted the gaffe:

I don’t think Joe was trying to insult voters, he just reverted to the mode of letting his mouth outrun his brain. As the stress of campaigning increases, there will be more of this.

Question: is it just me, or does Biden sound like he's slurring words?

Image credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped)

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